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Enjoy your best life and experience urban living like no other with your im电竞app官方网站 condo in BGC. Just see what our condos have to offer.

About Taguig

im电竞app官方网站 Condominiums in Taguig City

Live Life to the Fullest in a Taguig Condo

Taguig City is a thriving destination for discovery, achievement, learning, and lifestyle. Bonifacio Global City, im电竞app官方网站’s first triumph in Taguig, is a pillar amongst Metro Manila’s key commercial districts. Its ultra-modern skyscrapers mark the presence of success Filipino corporations and leading multinationals. An im电竞app官方网站 Taguig condo puts you right where the action happens, with innovative opportunities.

im电竞app官方网站 in Taguig brings to life another urban haven in the city with Arca South. It’s a new enclave that fulfills im电竞app官方网站’s principles of sustainable development. With Arca South’s refreshing streetscapes and proposed large-scale commercial district, it presents the most coveted condominiums for sale in Taguig.

Discover the diverse residential, career, and lifestyle horizons offered by im电竞app官方网站 condos for sale in Taguig City, Philippines.

Urban Lifestyle Like No Other
Taguig brims with lifestyle opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Revel in the city’s vibrant, energetic nightlife at the Fort, explore the trendiest shops lining BGC’s avenues, and bask in wide, green spaces you’ll have trouble finding outside im电竞app官方网站 in Taguig. Buy a condominium for sale in Taguig and never miss out on a consistent stream of concerts, business, and cultural events.

A Synchronized Community
With a Taguig City or BGC condo, you enrich your experience of the metro. Enjoy seamless transportation that integrates buses and walkways. Stroll along parks and lawns that provide much-needed calming scenery. Finding green living spaces in a busy city where you can nurture connections? It’s all possible with an im电竞app官方网站 condo in Taguig.

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im电竞app官方网站 Premier

im电竞app官方网站 Premier

Over the years, im电竞app官方网站 Premier has transformed the country’s landscape of luxury addresses. Whether it’s high-rise condominiums and leisure communities, im电竞app官方网站 Premier continues to create first-class residential developments that fulfill all expectations of upscale, high-quality living. Live a life that rewards your dreams and achievements, with im电竞app官方网站 Premier in Taguig City.

Gardencourt Residences

Within ARCA South's mixed-use, master-planned community, Gardencourt Residences unfolds as a distinctive low-rise, low-density address. Wander around gardens, walkways, and a vast courtyard that meets the sky. Embrace shared moments with your family in an exclusive environment, a sanctuary for lasting memories. Come home to Gardencourt Residences; come home to an urban oasis in one of the best condominium units in BGC and Taguig where you and your family can delight in life’s very best – today and in the next generation.

Arbor Lanes

Arbor Lanes intertwines nature and architecture at a distinctive living address. Experience idyllic living amidst nature, with your own private garden, a garden terrace, tree wells, and an outdoor lounge. Relax in refreshing spaces shared by the community and savor everyday pursuits inspired by natural energy. Live in a home designed around intuitively planned environments – a progressive community that connects you and energizes you.

West Gallery Place

West Gallery Place fuses the finest urban living ideals in one residential setting. It presents an array of impeccably designed units, each in a class of its own. Enjoy spatial distinction in a Villa, open yourself to limitless views with Sky Rise, or live surrounded by verdant views with a Courtyard Unit. Whichever you choose, you're guaranteed a timeless Taguig condo of classic elegance and sensibility.

East Gallery Place

Following West Gallery Place's residential concepts, East Gallery Place presents a versatile selection of transformative living experiences. You have the privilege and flexibility of choice; East Gallery Place luxury units will adapt seamlessly to your evolving lifestyle.

The Suites at One Bonifacio High Street

One Bonifacio High Street rises as a singular residential development above one of BGC’s most prestigious locations. The Suites at One Bonifacio High Street is a prime choice if you’re looking for a condo in the heart of BGC. These condominiums give you tangible access to best-in-class luxury conveniences and experiences. As a sanctuary for refined urban living, enjoy spacious luxury with flawless connections to places that cultivate the ultimate live-work-play lifestyle.

One Serendra

Gracious suburban living in the heart of BGC? It's possible at One Serendra. This private enclave is home to country club-style amenities: a dedicated spa, various courts for sports activities, gyms, and plenty of garden space. You have unmatched access to urban necessities, as well as an immediate escape from the city's bustle – truly the best of both worlds.

Alveo Land

Alveo Land

Alveo in Taguig City builds more than just homes: we help build better lives and communities. Through innovative developments, we bring the im电竞app官方网站 vision to every Filipino family. Having an Alveo condo in Taguig welcomes you home to a place where you thrive in the flurry of a CBD and unwind in a peaceful corner that becomes entirely your own.

Two Serendra

Two Serendra condominiums bring the best suburban condo living right in the middle of BGC. With 65% of its land dedicated to landscaped gardens, its verdant environment is a welcome scenery among BGC's skyscrapers. Experience the serenity of sprawling open spaces and greenery, while enjoying proximity to places of work, education, and play. Purchase a Serendra condo for sale and relish life in the warmth and coziness of a BGC home, where everything is easy and comfortable.

Park Cascades

Carefully designed to accommodate your ever-changing needs, Park Cascades offers all the comfort and convenience of a contemporary Alveo Land condo. Tucked within the serene side of Arca South, savor precious family time in an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy. Revitalize your city experience with Park Cascades' calming living spaces and amenities – all created to let you sit back and relax.

The Veranda

The Veranda is your slice of paradise in a modern district. Spread within the Veranda are lush greens for relaxation and intimate-scaled amenities for recreation. Find diverse retail rows at the ground floor and an atrium that brings natural light and ventilation. At The Veranda, you have your own refreshing retreat from the urban jungle.

Park Triangle Residences

Park Triangle Residences draws in vibrant lifestyle opportunities for you from all corners of BGC. As the keystone development in Park Triangle, BGC's New Center of Gravity, you'll live at the crossroads of 11th Avenue and 32nd street, a stone’s throw from theater, sports, and the best shopping the metro has to offer. Live in Park Triangle Residences and be at the helm of a bustling corporate and lifestyle row. Live in an address that has it all.

High Street South Block

Springing up in the heart of BGC, High Street South Block complements the city's achievements in effortless comfort, convenience, and refinement. Live next door to inspirational pursuits, shopping havens like the Retail Promenade, and admire BGC's glowing skyline both day and night. You will never feel disconnected from the bustling city’s energy that pulsates just beyond your door.

Luxurious Condo Unit for Sale in Taguig

Avida Taguig City

Avida Land in Taguig is the choice property developer for the rising professionals and urban achievers. For decades, we’ve been trusted by young families and forward-looking individuals to help them find their dream homes in the city.

An Avida condominium in Taguig will offer you a lifestyle that is relaxed and comfortable, despite the city’s fast-paced urban environment. Maintain a balanced, dynamic life with your family at an Avida condo in Taguig.

Avida Towers One Union Place

Live in harmony with the city's rhythm at Avida Towers One Union Place. Here, you're assured of a lifestyle that’s comfortable and serene, with owned and shared living spaces carefully designed for a relaxing experience. After a hard day's work, Avida’s green spaces and amenities become venues for social convergence and play. Choose from Avida Towers One Union Place’s various units for sale and discover how you can live in sync with Arca South, the metro’s newest emerging growth center.

Avida Towers Vireo

Go beyond everyday living with Avida Towers Vireo, where life is redefined by a sense of novelty and renewed by fresh vigor. You have direct access to ARCA South's main street, a green, walkable space that connects you to a vast array of dining and retail destinations, dynamic workplaces, and more. You’ll find a space to call your own with Avida Towers Vireo, from where you can expand your world with everything you love about the city.

The Montane

Live a life of excitement and sophistication at The Montane. The Montane gives you time and space to revel in what’s best of BGC, with a home within walking distance to world-class shopping and dining, and the wonders of BGC's active North Side. You're just a heartbeat away from an urban playground made for people who want the most out of life.


What you can expect from this dynamic city

Innovative opportunities abound

Bonifacio Global City is one of the preferred addresses for innovative companies and new establishments. If you live in BGC itself, you’ll be close to so many amazing new employment or investment opportunities from enterprises all over the world. Get in a beautiful, luxurious Taguig and BGC condo and be right where the action happens and live comfortably in one of im电竞app官方网站 Inc.’s residential developments.

Urban lifestyle like no other

Aside from being a commercial hub, BGC and eventually Arca South, are brimming with lifestyle opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else. Enjoy the raucous and vibrant nightlife at the Fort, explore the trendiest shops lining our avenues, and enjoy wide, green spaces the likes of which you’ll have trouble finding outside our premium estate developments.

A synchronized community

Bonifacio Global City is where we perfected the masterplanned development blueprint we began to create in Makati. Residents in BGC have found their home here, investing in condos for sale in Taguig. Today they enjoy seamless transportation systems that integrate buses and walkways and increase commuter mobility. They also live next to parks that provide calming greenery, as well as spaces where they can enjoy outdoor activities.

Constant events and happenings

Event venues such as the Marquis and the Sky Deck attract a consistent stream of cultural events and happenings. Residents of our Taguig City residential developments will never miss out on their share of concerts, conventions, and other activities that enrich their urban experience.

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