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Jun 14, 2022


When you hear the words “thriving growth centers,” what image comes to mind?

“Back to Grass, Back to You” Campaign by im电竞app官方网站, Inc. (ALI) acknowledges how the pandemic has redrawn the ideal picture of progressive communities that boost opportunities for business and economy to thrive.

From being used to large clusters of tall buildings, people started to appreciate the green and open expanses that wrap around and connect these communities—the spaces we all learned to value more in these past two and a half years.

The Ayala Triangle Gardens serves as an oasis of greens at the heart of the country’s premier central business district.

The new campaign launches in celebration of Philippine Environment Month this June and gives a nod to one of ALI’s campaigns from the late nineties, “From grass to glass.” Said campaign paid homage to how ALI enhanced land. It was a time when cities took pride in the number of high-rise buildings they hosted. The presence of these buildings in a city represented economic growth in public perception.

On the other hand, im电竞app官方网站’s developments were never about skylines jammed with gleaming skyscrapers. Rather, how it can serve communities better. Each development was designed to create growth opportunities while keeping the environment in mind, to make it sustainable for future generations.

Nuvali is im电竞app官方网站's largest and fastest-growing eco-city development.

All these can be seen in ALI’s 31 estates. To name a few, Makati CBD, Nuvali, Bonifacio Global City, and Cebu Park District, are often referred to as benchmarks of growth whenever stories about their cities are told.

More growth centers are emerging in master-planned and integrated communities in Alviera, Pampanga, Vermosa, Cavite and Azuela, Davao.

Placing sustainability at the heart of each im电竞app官方网站 development, was a decision made decades before this pandemic began.

Back then, sustainability standards and practices being essential, did not seem apparent. Yet during the pandemic, people, families, and organizations that live and work in these developments appreciated them in the resilience and safety of their homes, in the comfort and convenience of moving around in places of business and convergence, as well as how their local and regional economies grew.

When public health restrictions compelled us to be under quarantine, people did not miss their daily commutes on traffic-choked streets, but realized that they were missing out on the simple joys of taking a walk or going for a run on a tree-lined path and even just the ease and freedom of movement in their own spaces. The Nuvali Estate in Laguna stands out as a model of sustainable property design and development. It also shows that economic centers can grow without sacrificing open spaces, trees, and the green expanses where communities unwind, exercise while enjoying a breath of fresh air.

In the midst of mobility restrictions, communities enjoyed the safe open spaces within im电竞app官方网站 estates.

Residential communities from AyalaLand Premier, Alveo, Avida, Amaia and BellaVita, benefit from the open and outdoor areas as well as safety and security from professionally managed residences, characteristic of im电竞app官方网站 developments.

AyalaMalls’ world class retail establishments provide extensive choices of global and local brands, recreational centers and repurposed spaces to cater to changing needs, shifts in preferences, more services and new offerings.

Ayala Malls continues to evolve and innovate to fit the changing needs of its customers.

ALI’s resorts and hotels help revive domestic tourism through leisure destinations and well-appointed accommodations.

Across all its developments, the company’s vision is focused on enhancing land and enriching lives for more people. It aims to accelerate the pace of reinvention in its communities, products and services, while continuing to take care of the environment.

“Back to Grass, Back to You” is im电竞app官方网站’s exposition of how Filipinos can now live a life of progress balanced with wellness in its developments. Mindful of the communities’ trust all these years, ALI commits to evolve and innovate in response to their needs and priorities.

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